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565 E. 70th Ave, Unit 4-E
Denver, CO 80229


Couch LLC- Comfortable lounge seating for your event with several different options to choose from. We take care of everything with delivery, placement and pick up.

Couch Blog

Cannabis Wedding Expo

Martin Willson

That's right. The Cannabis Wedding Expo. There will be fine wines, locally sourced foods, great music, craft beers and a budtender! We took part (Took part, not 'partook') in the Cannabis Wedding Expo last January at Point Gallery last January. Put on by the lovely Bec Koop with Cannabis Concierge Events, it was everything you need to know about the how, why and loopholes of having a touch o' the green at your wedding. 

Great group of people to work with and a great turn out. Hats off to Bec for putting her heart out there for a first of it's kind event. Couch provided white leather lounges to kick back and a leaf patterned bar for beverages.