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565 E. 70th Ave, Unit 4-E
Denver, CO 80229


Couch LLC- Comfortable lounge seating for your event with several different options to choose from. We take care of everything with delivery, placement and pick up.

Couch Blog

Blackney Wedding at Blanc

Martin Willson

Great wedding on a beautiful and breezy evening at Blanc with Jessica McTaggart of Pink Champagne Events. The white lounge furniture fits right in. We wish the best for Katie and Jared Blackney who were both a true pleasure to work with. We also wondered how many people drove by Blanc and thought 'Ooh...there's a new place called Blackney on Walnut we need to try'.
It was nice to partner up with my longtime and dear friend Val Schaefer of VSDesigns who did the drape, trees and chandeliers. I'm also loving the group in Trulife Studios, and I have barely scratched the surface..