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565 E. 70th Ave, Unit 4-E
Denver, CO 80229


Couch LLC- Comfortable lounge seating for your event with several different options to choose from. We take care of everything with delivery, placement and pick up.


About Couch


About Couch? Simply put, its called couch because we rent couches, chairs, coffee tables and rugs. Giving your guests a comfortable and welcoming place to relax. Started in, or around, September 2014 to provide a simple experience for renting event furniture. We're a local, small business in north Denver with flat rate pricing and delivery fees. Everything we have is in our north Denver warehouse and ready to roll, great for those turn key events.

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About the owner: Martin Willson cut his teeth in the event industry in Denver for more then twenty years doing all aspects of décor including production, sets, strikes, design and sales (And loading trucks, so many trucks). Finally, after seeing how crazy other small business owners are, he decided he wanted to be that crazy too. Having a strong desire to sit on comfy furniture and wanting to spread the joy, he started Couch LLC.